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2 hours

About our training solutions

Equip your current and future leaders, and all employees with knowledge and skills in fostering psychological safety in the workplace. We offer a range of training solutions.

  1. Introduction to psychological safety at work.  

    • Introduction to psychological safety.  

    • How psychological safety fit into psychosocial risks and workplace health and safety.  

    • Overcoming the everyday covert and overt barriers to psychological safety. 

    • Practical strategies on how to foster individual, team, and organisational psychological safety.  

    Workshop notes and toolkit included.

  2. Psychological safety training for leaders.

    • Introduction to psychological safety.  

    • Understand the brain chemistry behind psychological safety.  

    • The role of leaders in fostering psychological safety for their people. 

    • Overcoming challenges to everyday psychological safety both related to the teams you manage  

    • Fostering self-psychological safety through EQ and reflective leadership practice.  

    • Leveraging position of leadership to foster psychological safety – practical toolkit. 

    Workshop notes and toolkit included.

  3. A leader’s guide to psychological safety within diverse teams.

    • Introduction to psychological safety OR deep-dive to latest information on psychological safety (if one of the above trainings completed)  

    • Why psychological safety is not ‘one-size-fits-all’. 

    • Culture, psychological safety and inclusion at work.  

    • Understanding your people and the challenges to psychological safety they face.  

    • Toolbox – How to foster psychological safety within diverse teams.  

    Workshop notes and toolkit included. 


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